9 Feb 2016


It's a journey that keeps you grounded, continues to teach and surprise you.

It's a journey that will fill your life with joy, frustration and a love like no other from the first moment your eyes meet.

Some days it can be likened to running up a hill dragging a heavy but pleasant weight behind you. Somehow you know you will make it, but the struggle is very real.

There are days when everything runs smoothly, and life couldn't get any better.

Its days like these which makes the struggle all worthwhile.

In the beginning, time stands still, you believe you have forever to hold tight, that the day your no longer needed as much is an eternity away. You believe  that things will stay just as they are for as long as you dare to dream.

But time ticks on regardless, the months fly by quickening with each new year, until one day you wake up and it's hard to fathom how you got here so quickly.


I don't think anyone can prepare you for motherhood. You can listen to all the stories, take on all the advice, but in the end its a journey that is unlike any other you have been on before, and its never the same journey that anyone else has visited before you. 

Its yours and yours alone.

These past few months have really shaken me, my journey as a mother has changed dramatically. Its still amazing to me how quickly things can change, we are entering a new family era and I am unsure about my continuing roll.

I'm still mum, but how much will I be needed ?

One day your chicks are all under one roof, your taking care of everyone's wants and needs, feeling useful and needed, and then in one swoop, two move out on their own taking their lives into their own hands moving on tho the next stage of their lives. Another child finishes school, he  has plans and dreams of his own to fulfill. Your left with your baby, who in fact is no longer your baby at all. He is still at school and still so reliant on you, but you now know what is coming and that it isn't all that far away until he wants to spread his wings as well.

My babies are all grown up.

They are beginning new and exciting journeys of their own, Leaving me to figure out what my next step will be. It's hard to relinquish the hold you have had for so long. To let go and watch from the sidelines. I know that they will always need me to some degree, but its hard never the less to watch as one journey ends and another one begins.

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beck xx

8 Feb 2016


By now all across the country schools back. While some of us are use to the daily routine of packing the good old lunch box, others are navigating this process for the first time. For me, the packing of the lunch box can be likened to cleaning the bathroom. I hate it, but its a task that must be done.

Today's Monday Munchies is an older post, but one that is great for lunch boxes or an after school snack.

Slow Cooker Cheese & Bacon Buns


beck xx

7 Feb 2016


Life is complicated. Family and work commitments, the everyday running of your home and all those extra mind boggling things that crop up usually at the most inappropriate times. I love the life we lead, but I'm tired of the juggling act.

I am not one to make new year resolutions. I have done in the past, but lets be honest, after a week or two who sticks to the resolutions made ? Not me !
This year though, I came to the conclusion that our life needed to be simplified, that we needed to get rid of the things that cluttered and made our life just that little bit overwhelming.

When my sons moved out recently, I really started to notice how much 'stuff'' we had accumulated. Stuff that was no longer used, or just kept around with the mind set that maybe one day we will use it again. Ridiculous.

I began by allocating one day of the week to a particular room. Washing curtains, walls and ceiling fans. Emptying every cupboard and  every draw. Sifting and sorting every last piece big or small deciding their worth and contribution to our life. Some things were harder to let go of then others, but with the determination of someone who has a goal in mind I pushed through knowing that I was on the way to a more simple life.

"The Big Cull" yes it has its own name, is only the first stage of what I hope to achieve. Making a more simplified life for my family is more then just halving what we own. Its about taking charge of things, not letting things take charge of us. I am going back to meal planning as apposed to sorting meals on the fly, and basic organistaion that has been missing around here for a while. I have been reading blogs of those who are super organised and are willing to share their secrets, I have been totally inspired.

For so long now we have been caught up in what "should" be done compared to what we "should" be doing. Enjoying life, taking time to see the beauty that surrounds us and spending time just being. For me personally this is going to be a huge challenge, letting go of myself and what I perceive that I should be doing as a wife and mother. It is time to take back life as we use to know it.

4 Feb 2016


I don't function well when I'm not feeling one hundred percent. I just find it hard at times to keep all my juggling balls happily in the air. Even though these past few weeks have been hectic, I still feel as though I've been moving at a snails pace. It's been hot, and the humidity here in North QLD has been off the charts, it's weighed on us all tremendously and for the first time in a long time, I'm ready to bid farewell to Summer.

The first point of neglect has been blogging, something had to give, and it seems the blog raised its hand first. I felt bad to start with, then gave myself a stern talking to. You can't expect to keep on top of everything every single day, sometimes something has to give. In this case it was my blog, and maybe a touch of my sanity as well :/  It's like January has past in a haze, and I'm left wondering where exactly did it go ? But here we are in February and I am crawling back looking forward to sharing 2016 with you all.

Did January treat you well ?
Can you believe that February is here already ?