19 Jan 2017


Can you believe how hot it's been ? We have been having some extreme temperatures here, and don't get me started on the humidity. Oh lord it's been high. Sure we are used to long hot humid summers Queensland here, but this year it's reached a new kind of high, a new standard of awful.

The gardens are suffering. I've been dumping copious amounts of water on them morning and evening, and the grass is beginning to brown again even after all the rain we had earlier on in the month. I can't even begin to think at how it's affecting the older folks.

Night time has been just awful, without airconditiong in our bedrooms its been a struggle to get a good nights rest.

The temp has been high all over this wide country of ours. How have you been coping ?

beck xx

12 Jan 2017


It's scary you know. To be on the verge of being made redundant of the best job that you could ever have asked for. Being a mum.
It seems silly to say that our job as mums come to an end because we never really get relived of the position, we are always going to be a mum, but there does come a time when like it or not our mum duties wind down and we are left wondering where did those years actually go.

This week I'm left staring down the barrel of mum redundancy. It's 2017, I'm forty two years old and tomorrow my baby turns seventeen. My BABY. 

On this day seventeen years ago, I had no clue as to just how fast today would arrive. Pregnant with my fourth son I thought that there was nothing but time up my sleeve, that the days would be forever long as they can be with four tiny babes at home, but in reality once they start on their schooling path time flies in the blink of an eye.

Benjamin James, you have bought so much love and laughter into our lives since the moment you arrived to our crazy household. The quiet babe who somehow instinctively knew just how to fit in perfectly with our rowdy bunch. A calmness surrounded you, making it easy to parent you in between the chaos and madness that buzzed around us. I will be forever grateful for the quiet times we shared at night once the lights were out and your brothers slept. So many beautiful memories, cherished times.

In just one short week you begin your final year at school. I sit here wondering what lies ahead once the last lunch box has been made, once the final school bell rings and I am no longer the mother to school children. Where does that actually leave me ? Still a mother I know, but my purpose will change, I will no longer be needed in the same way.

In the blink of an eye I became a mother.
In the blink of an eye you grew up.
In the blink of an eye we are here, balancing on the edge of a new horizon.

How did we get here so fast ?

Happy birthday my beautiful boy, remeber I am always here for you and that I will forever love you with all my heart.

love mum xx

7 Jan 2017


Its raining like it hasn't rained in the longest time. Roads are closed and pools are overflowing, thankfully though it has help drop the temperature. For now.
The rain is just what we need around here at the moment, the grass is now green and lush, the gardens drinking in the fresh goodness and blooming beautifully. 

The downside...the crazy's are out. Accidents are happening more frequently because people don't adjust their driving to compensate for the wet roads. I just hope that nobody gets hurt in their rush to get nowhere.

Hey, can we talk about the newest health "revelation". Its watermelon did you know ????

It's now apparently a super food. Now I'm not knocking the term super food, but how much money is going into the studies that require a food to become super ?  It seems to me the only thing that is bought about these studies is a higher price at the supermarket, one of course the farmers miss out on. Maybe I am wrong and I hope that I am but my thinking is that these scientist could be used in other areas.

On other news, I keep forgetting to carry my phone to count my steps for Fat Mum Slim's Make Life Good stepping challenge. I really think that I need to invest in a fitbit or something like it. 
I am also headed on the right track for this months personal challenge in drinking more water. I could do better, but I am drinking more than usual. Today I will make it a priority to up the anti for myself and my health. 

So how are you going on your health challenges for 2017 ?
Are you on track ? 
Are you yet to begin ?

I am sure that like me once the kids are back to school, and husbands back to work that our routines will be more stable and much more easy to achieve. Good luck, and I am hoping that this first week of the new year is being to  kind to you all.

beck xx

2 Jan 2017


I've deemed 2017 the year to kick some personal goals, concentrating on both my physical and mental health. Its definitely been a long time coming and with the help of some fellow bloggers who have tempted me with a few challenges that I have joined. I am excited to see the changes they will bring about even though its in the very early stages.

Apart from these awesome challenges, I decided I needed just that little bit more to keep me motivated. So as I do on multiple occasions, I turned to Pintrest, looking for challenges to further inspire my good intentions for 2017.
There were so many pins offering to help guide you to a "bigger and better" you. But knowing that if I tried to take on something too big to soon I would become overwhelmed and most likely fail. So I searched and sorted through the challenges until I found the perfect one for me.

Change is hard. But with this challenge, all you have to do is make one small change a month. Its simple, and something I know I will be able to achieve without to much fuss and bother.

We have all made New Year resolutions with good intentions only to wane from them just a few weeks in. But this challenge shared by eHow.com is more then a resolution. Its a simple but effective way to change bad habits at a slow pace.

I don't know about you, but for me that is definitely doable.

So if your ready to make some small but significant changes in your life, and are ready to break bad habits and introduce new healthy ones. Why not join me and many others from around the world over at Fat Mum Slim's STEP CHALLENGE on face book, or join little old me on this 12 MONTHS TO A BETTER YOU.
No one will belittle you if you stumble, no one will laugh at you if your goals are not fully reached. Its all just for a bit of fun and a few laughs while trying to follow a better path for a healthier you.

beck xx