27 Mar 2017


That's about all we can do at the moment. Is wait. Wait, watch and prepare as Cyclone Debbie intensifies and bares down on North Queensland.

It's kind of weird feeling. The uncertainty of exactly where she will hit and the amount of destruction she will leave behind her nobody really knows. All we do know is that the next 24 hours are going to be wild. So hang on tight everyone, there is no slowing her down.
Currently Debbie is sitting at a cat 3. With predictions that she will hit the coast at a cat 4. The core is  at least 100 km wide with wind gusts reaching up to 280 km per hour. It's quite extraordinary, such an incredible force to be faced with.

We here at Mackay are preparing for the worst.
More than 25,000 people here have been evacuated this afternoon with many more leaving on their own accord. And while we live outside of the "flood zone areas" we still need to be ready for the mighty storm that is on its way. Earlier today the winds were already strong enough to bring down trees, and the normal buzz in the city was ever so quiet.

Image source ABC News Mackay
We are as ready as we can be. Anything that was sitting loose in our yard has been removed. The cupboards are full, the BBQ has gas and the cars are filled with fuel.

I hope that no one is being complacent and that everyone is taking all the warnings seriously. Mackay's Mayor is urging the community to stick together. To check on our neighbours and those who are alone, and even though we as a community have been here before, it is now up to us to make sure that we get through this severe weather event that is just about on our doorstep together as a whole.

Emergency services are ready. There has been plenty of warning of what is yet to come.
Stay safe North Queensland. May we all stand together and come out the other side without too much loss.

beck xx

22 Mar 2017

THIS WEEK so far !

This week so far has been chaotic, full of activity, happy news and yummy food to fill our bellies. We are settling in well to being a family of six back under one roof, and any hiccups that could have come about haven't which is very pleasing for this mother.

So without rambling on to much, here is what has been going on in our week so far.

Our floors are finally finished and our home has returned to its normal state which pleases me immensely.

Before the rain hit we got the yard work done. Freshly mowed grass gives me the warm fuzzies. And speaking of fuzzies, our front hedge is growing nicely and looks amazing at the moment, bursting with these gorgeous blooms.

A quick trip to my mums house.....no one was home!

Food to please the masses continues to make its way out of the kitchen. I won over the crowd this week with cake and blueberry muffins. I also made Fish Tacos. WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE ? These will be making another appearance very soon.

Will you just look at my fig. Go on LOOK AT IT  big, beautiful and still alive. Its a miracle .

I've mentioned before that my water intake isn't what it should be. But guess what....for the past week and a half it is all that I have been drinking. My skin is feeling great and my lips are no longer dry is that the water ? I don't know. I also have't eaten any bread for two weeks and people I feel pretty darn good. The weight is beginning to drop off and that is my ultimate goal.

Yesterday looking out to sea it was hard not to break out into a huge smile as I thought about the amazing week we have had as a family so far. One of my boys who has been out of work got a really good job. His spirits have lifted and a weight taken off his shoulders and ours The drought was also finally broken for my other son also out of work and he had a job interview yesterday. All our fingers are crossed that this will be the job for him as well. Positive thinking is our mantra, with the hope that the phone rings with positive news for him too.

How has your week been ?
Has anything exciting happened to you and your family ?

beck xx

14 Mar 2017


Well that's it guys, the beginning of the end has arrived and I am feeling all kinds of emotions.
On Friday just gone, Mackay held its annual Mocktail event at the Entertainment Centre. The invitation is sent to all students both public and private who are currently studying grade twelve providing their behaviour is of a high standard. It is a chance for the students to let their hair down and mingle with others who are going through the same stress and worry of the up coming exams that will determine their schooling ability and help determine their next step of life.

This year is our fourth and final run of grade twelve.

Currently, we are guiding our youngest son through the turmoil of study and the stress of deciding the path of his future. To be honest after four attempts of trying to successfully navigate it all as a parent, I am glad that we have almost reached the end. It's not an easy time for our kids, so for them to have the opportunity to dress up, have some fun and forget the seriousness of it all, well I am all for it.

My stomach was doing flip flops, my heart was full and happy, my head was over thinking the fact that this was it, my baby was near the end of his childhood and on the verge of becoming a man. I am so proud yet not quite ready to acknowledge that we have already reached this stage of our lives. I know he is ready for his future to begin, to start the next chapter of his life.

Me on the other hand, I am ready to bid farewell to the lunch boxes and stinky uneaten food, the school uniforms, the notes and for the endless homework fights to end. I am excited to see where he will land next, but  I am not so happy to be at the stage of letting go. To be left behind and made redundant. Where my next path will lead me I have no clue, but for now its guiding this young man through the remainder of the year with encouragement and endless love and support.

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9 Mar 2017

ONE THING - Cleaning the oven

If you read BABYMAC and I'm sure that you do. You would know that Beth shares posts about her #onething . It is when you tackle something that is not on your everyday to-do list. It's something that you know you need to get done, but keep putting off.

I have many things on my #onething list for 2017 that I know will all get completed. Someday.

If there is one household job that I hate doing with a passion it's cleaning the oven. I'm fine with washing, ironing and folding for six. And cleaning bathrooms is no problem. However being the only female in the house cleaning the toilet comes a very close second. Why cant boys aim right ?

Having a large family (now all back home) you can imagine the workout my poor old oven gets. She is a fast, reliable old girl and without her my job wouldn't be so easy. But boy, she is a bugger to clean.
So this past week I finally reached my limit. I got down and dirty for my 'one thing' and got that girl looking brand spanking new.

Look how grubby I let her get. I am almost ashamed to post this before photo. Totally not acceptable.

She needed a good old soak and elbow grease, but with a little patience and a lot of scrubbing she started to take on the look of a brand new oven.

And would you look at that. All sparkling with more of the look of a bathroom mirror than as oven.

Do you play along with Beth's One Thing posts ?
Am I the only one who leaves the cleaning of their oven until smoke billows out ?

I always say that I will never leave it as long next time. But I know full well that I am kidding myself. Its quite the vicious cycle.

beck xx