5 Oct 2015

I MUST CONFESS - That this post is not about anniversaries, but the BEST NRL GRAND FINAL EVER !

Firstly I would like to confess that I am not in the least bit sorry for missing today's Monday Munchies post sorry I was a little preoccupied with THE BEST NRL GRAND FINAL EVER but I promise that it will return as usual next week.

In case you didn't notice, or live on Mars (I heard that it could be possible one day) the North Queensland Cowboys won the NRL Grand Finale last night.

And I must confess that I may or may not have gone a little nuts with my congratulatory posts sorry

I also must confess that I  may or may not have been on the edge of my seat during the last few minutes of the game.

I must confess that I also may or may not have screamed the house down when the Cowboys WON after 20 long years in their search for glory.

I may or may not have cried big happy tears,  and O must confess that I may or may not have peed myself a little. As I said, I may or may not have.....

Congratulations to a well deserving team for their win. Cowboys, you have made us North Queenslanders very proud, and even without the victory of the 2015 grad finale win, you are our team and winners in our eyes win or loose.

my condolences to the Broncos fans 

proud to be a Cowboys supporter beck xx

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30 Sep 2015


There is a gorgeous breeze blowing today, the glow of the morning sun is kissing the flower petals waking them to their full glory. Spring is in the air, and I cant help  but wear a smile.

We have been taking things easy these school holidays, lazy mornings, movie nights and sleepovers. For teen number three this is his final school break EVER as soon he is graduating. I cant believe that we have made it to graduation number three. We are still in one piece and will only have one teen left at school come the new year....I cant even remember what it is like to have only child in school.

So as we celebrate the ending of another month gone by, I am joining the beautiful Pip of  Meet Me At Mikes  for Taking Stock

Making ; Plans for Christmas - its only around the corner you know
Cooking ; Quick and easy meals for school holidays
Drinking : Drinking wine from the beautiful De Bortoli Winery
Reading ; After Anna by Alex Lake
Wanting : To loose weight before my sons graduation
Looking : At paint charts again
Playing ; Music daily
Deciding ; Weather I should leave my hair longer or chop it off again
Wishing ; That loosing weight wasn't SO hard
Enjoying ; The Spring breeze knowing that before long it will be gone
Waiting ; To win lotto
Liking ; Pinapples and all things white
Wondering ; What my son will do after he graduates in six weeks
Loving ; My family whole heatedly
Pondering ; Life, and where it may lead me next
Considering ; A return to the work force
Buying ; Books, always books
Watching ; A whole lot of crappy Reality TV
Hoping ; For a not so scorching hot Summer
Cringing ; At all the people who hate on others
Needing ; More Fig jam and new sheets
Questioning ; Australian politics and wondering why we even bother voting
Smelling ; The gorgeous perfume of Spring flowers
Wearing ; My gorgeous new T-shirt from Ruby and Lilli and Jenni Eyles
Following ; Lots of new peeps on Instagram
Noticing ; That my boys really are growing into wonderful young men I am proud of
Knowing ; That tomorrow is a new day
Thinking ; Of going back to Yoga
Admiring ; How hard my husband works to take care of our family
Sorting ; My wardrobe
Getting ; My hands dirty in the garden and loving it
Disliking ; My brown couch
Opening ; My heart to new experiences
Giggling ; With my mum, on the phone and while shopping
Feeling ; Happy
Snacking ; On cake  Greek yogurt and fruit

beck xx

28 Sep 2015



If there is one thing I can serve up for dinner that will tame the hungry tums of my teens, its pasta.
Spaghetti, lasagna, carbonara, it doesn't matter as long as there is heaps of it.

One dish that fills the dinner dreams of my teens, is my spaghetti bake. Made on the delicious Whole Grain Barilla Spaghetti, its high in fibre and has a low GI.


* 1 pkt of Barilla whole grain spaghetti
* 500 grams of lean beef mince
* 2 cloves of crushed garlic
* 1 large onion diced
* 2 grated zucchini
* 2 grated carrots
* 1 800 gram can of diced tomatoes
* 1 tablespoon salt reduced tomato paste
* 1 teaspoon Italian spices
* Grated tasty cheese

Cook pasta as per directions on the box, leave to one side.

In a large pan coated with cooking spray, saute the garlic and onion until soft. Add the mince and cook stirring until brown.

Add the carrot, zucchini and spices and cook for a further 3 minutes stirring well.

Add all the other ingredients (except the pasta) and combine well, bringing the mix to the boil then reduce to a slow simmer.

In a large lasagna dish coated with cooking spray. Layer the mince and pasta (as you would a lasagna) topping with the grated cheese.

Bake in the oven at 180 degrees until the cheese is golden.


beck xx

24 Sep 2015


I've been kicking back with the teens not doing much of anything this first week of school holidays. We've hardly even left the house except to restock food and to get the teens looking almost human by finally getting them a much needed haircut.
While they have been busy laying around playing computer games and sleeping, I have been spending time in the garden, reading lots of blogs and books and watching some crap TV.
I know, not very creative when there is a house to be painted, art work to design and make, and many a craft project begging to be started.


I am enjoying the down time, because after these school holidays are over, its time for the end of year chaos to begin, and who knows when I may get the chance to frivolously throw my time away again.

This week I've been

Listening to...

Today's the day - P!nk
Scarecrow         - Alex and Sierra                                            
Wildest dreams - Taylor Swift
Wild                  - Troye Sivan


The wild child - Casey Watson
After Anna      - Alex Lake

Styling Curvy
Styling You
Positively Present


The real housewives of OC      ( I know, forgive me this sin )
Americas next top model
My big fat fabulous life
Criminal minds

beck xx