Family First - Thankful Thursday

Sometimes a break from every day routine is the best medicine. It might just be the thing that is needed so that you can come back with a BANG, refreshed and ready to get yourself back into gear.

My recent absence from the blogging community was not exactly by choice. It just seemed to happened.

Over the past two years since Crafty was created, I have had times when I was unable to write for whatever reason and I suffered badly from 'bloggers guilt' feeling as though I was letting people down. I felt that I was breaking a commitment that I had made not only to myself, but to the blogging community as a whole.
Let's be honest, I am not at all good at this 'blogging gig' but I love to write, it gives me the chance to share things that I may otherwise keep to myself. It allows me to dig deep within, or be frivolous by choice. It gives me a sense of purpose.

This time however when life took over and blogging was the furthest thing from my mind, something happened that made me remember the reason I started blogging in the first place. It was for me ! Nobody else, just me. You could say I had a light bulb moment.

So as the days turned into weeks and then months, I realised that the guilt I had once felt was nowhere to be found.
I was doing exactly what was needed at the time.....

I was putting all my love, time and energy into my family and our home. For the first time I had no guilt about neglecting my blog and pouring all my attention into what is the most important thing in my life.....

So today I want to thank YOU for being patient with me, for not abandoning me and giving me the time that I needed to breathe new energy into my life, and giving me the time that was needed to put my family first.

Linking up with the lovely Sarah for this weeks Thankful Thursday.


I Am Thankful For

Having the whole stretch of beach to myself this morning was absolute bliss. The gentle breeze, soft sand and the smell of the ocean was just what I needed to clear my cluttered mind. It's not often I take the time to stop and enjoy the beauty of where I live.

Today being Thankful Thursday I took the opportunity to round up in my mind all that I am currently thankful for in my life.

I am thankful for;
Cups of tea in the morning,
The smell of freshly baked bread
Sunshine to fill my days, & candles to light my night
The calming sounds of the ocean,
The wind blowing through my hair
Raindrops on the roof,
And rainbows after a storm

I am thankful for;
Cupcakes & chocolate
And the comfort of home
Laughter & campfires,
And time spent alone

I am thankful for;
Dreams & good health,
Getting lost in a book
The challengers of life
And hearts filled with love

But the one thing that I am truly thankful for and will be forever more
Is the love and acceptance of my beautiful family, for without them I would have nothing to be thankful for at all.


Linking up with Rhiannon for Thankful Thursday this 1st day of May xx

Mediterranean Prawns

Feeding the family can be a headache. Keeping every ones taste buds happy is far from smooth sailing, but the one thing that I can always rely on to bring a smile to the faces of my teens is pasta.

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent some wonderful samples from Barilla and since I received the generous package right before Easter, I decided to take advantage and use their delicious products to whip up a yummy dish for Good Friday. 

Living where we do, there is always an abundance of fresh seafood available and our family favourite is Prawns. So it was the perfect chance to combine the families two favourite foods and please them all at once.... WINNING !


1 tablespoon olive oil
3 Cloves crushed garlic
1 medium onion finely chopped 
2 teaspoons of dried or fresh oregano
1 teaspoon of chili flakes
1 cup Val Verde diced Italian tomatoes 
1 jar Barilla Mediterranean Vegetable pasta sauce
Barilla whole grain spaghetti
Green prawns

In a large pot of boiling water cook the pasta to packet directions

Heat the oil in a heavy based pan, add the garlic and onion and cook until onion is soft
Add the oregano and chili and cool for a further 2 minutes

Combine the tomatoes and the Barilla pasta sauce and add to the pan, bringing sauce to a simmer
Add the prawns making sure that the sauce does not boil.

Once the prawns are cooked through, drain the pasta and add to the sauce

A healthy, delicious meal that thankfully satisfied each tummy in our family, giving the Easter Weekend a fabulous start.

Thank you ever so much Barilla 

beck xx

This was not a sponsored post

Locusts Or Teens ?

Sometimes I think I am housing locusts instead of teens. It seems that I spend more and more of my time taking up residency in the isles of Woolworths and stuck in the kitchen trying to feed my hungry plague that buzz around the pantry like bugs drawn to bright light.
Now with the school holidays upon us keeping a full fridge has become a time consuming chore.

 A plague of locusts wreak havoc, they swarm, devastate crops and cause major agriculture damage - causing famine and starvation.

Just like the locust, teens swarm kitchens in droves stripping a fridge of its contents in seconds being just as devastating to the family pocket as the locusts are to the farmers and their crops.

How much are you really forking out to feed your locusts teens these holidays ? Let me guess, just like me you have actually no idea of the hole they are creating in your wallet !
I know that my teen boys and their friends can clean out my fridge and pantry just as fast as a swarm of ravenous locusts can clear out a farmers entire crop, leaving a devastating trail of crumbs and dirty plates behind them......

My locusts teens are growing boys, but I am sure that the amount of food they put away on an average day is growing faster then they are.
I admit that I had better control over my boys eating habits when they were younger, when there seemed to be more structure. It seems the more they grow, the harder it is for me to keep up with their growing appetites, they never seem to be full ! Maybe I need a built in buffet to satisfy my teens growling stomachs.

The thought that keeps circulating in my mind is, if the boys keep eating the way that they do, we just may need to refinance our home.....they are literally eating machines !

Thank goodness that when school goes back their eating habits will return to what I consider relatively "normal" however that still requires a huge effort on my part to keep the fridge and pantry well stocked.

Keeping an eye on my hungry hoard of locusts teens and happily linking up to FYBF with the gorgeous Grace who has all of this to look forward to....

Happy Friday
beck xx